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M1 +2, W1 +2, M2 +1

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Captain of Boats 2022-2023

Welcome to CCCBC!


Corpus has been rowing in Cambridge since 1828 and has enjoyed many successes both on and off the Cam throughout our history. As a Boat Club of one of the smaller Colleges, we are a tight-knit and friendly community who are always happy to welcome new squad members into our crews. We want to ensure everyone has ample opportunity to have fun, enjoy rowing and make memories to take away when they leave us. I myself joined CCCBC 3 years ago after learning to cox at school. I'd had a year and a half break from coxing, but fell in straight back in love with the sport!

We are proud to take the majority of rowers and coxes from their first strokes through to being proficient oarsmen and oarswomen. We also welcome those with prior experience, who often form core components of the squad, and have gone on to represent the University in their sport a number of times in recent history. The same philosophy applies to those wishing to cox for Corpus and our coxes form an invaluable part of our squad. We encourage people to get involved in any way they can! 

Furthermore, we have excellent facilities and equipment including our boathouse on Cutter Ferry Lane with our Hudson Ultimate Super Predator 2017 (Men’s 1st VIII+) and our Hudson Super Predator 2016 (Women’s 1st VIII+). Members of CCCBC may also access our additional VIII+s, IV+s, 2-/2x, several 1x, and our tub pair - a valuable resource for training newer members. We make use of the 11 ergometers, including our Concept II Dynamic and the strength and conditioning gym at the College's picturesque Leckhampton site on Grange Road.

For more information, or if you are a current student and would like to get involved in Corpus Rowing, contact the Captain of Boats or a member listed under the Committee tab. Similarly, if you are an alumnus or prospective student looking to apply to Cambridge we are always very happy to hear from you!

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