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About Us

Founded in 1828, Corpus Christi College Boat Club (CCCBC) has been rowing continuously on the river Cam ever since. Despite Corpus being one of smaller colleges of the University of Cambridge, CCCBC has a rich history of successful performances including having Headships, many Blues and a Henley win to its name, surpassing that of many of the larger Colleges.

CCCBC today is more than a rowing club; it is one of the friendliest, most welcoming and close-knit communities of both the Boat Clubs on the River Cam and of the sports teams in Corpus. This sociable atmosphere is combined with a passion for success. CCCBC has several excellent coaches (with decades of Bumps experience between them), the most experienced boat man on the Cam (Mr. Tim Rhodes), amongst the best racing boats of all the Cambridge Colleges and a well-equipped boathouse, erg pavilion and gym. In recent years this combined with the dedication of our oarsmen and women has propelled the Club to many successes, including the Women's 1st VIII+ winning blades in Lent Bumps 2020 and making the top 16 boats in the June Eights Regatta 2021. We received the Pegasus Cup in 2016 for being most successful club overall in the May Bumps.


CCCBC is open to any member of the College who wants to get involved - whether you've rowed all your life or have never even touched a boat before! The Boat Club is always keen to recruit new talent, and as Corpus is such a small college there are plenty of opportunities for enthusiastic novices to train alongside the more experienced rowers and coxes and progress rapidly. We usually expect to have around 2-3 men's crews and 2-3 women's crews active each term.

If you are a current member of Corpus interested in rowing or coxing for CCCBC, or simply want to know more about what is involved (such as our training schedules!) please don’t hesitate to contact one of our committee members and ask for more information. If you are a prospective student who is thinking of studying at Cambridge with previous rowing experience we would love to hear from you and can happily provide you with more information about rowing at the College.

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