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Lents 2020

Women’s 1st VIII

Bumped: Clare II, Wolfson, Hughes Hall, Magdalene.

Finished: 11th in Div 2

Mays 2019

Bumped: St Edmund’s II, Homerton III, Darwin III, Emmanuel IV

Finished: 15th in Div 4

Mays 2016

Women's 1st VIII

Overbumped: Clare II, Bumped: Queens' II, Sidney Sussex, Emma II.

Finished: 12th in Div 2.

Mays 2015

Men's 2nd VIII

Overbumped: Caius III, Bumped: Clare III, King's II.

Finished: 3rd in Div 4.

Mays 2014

Men's 3rd VIII

Bumped: Emma IV, Clare IV, Darwin III, Jesus V.

Finished: 5th in Div 5.

Mays 2011

Men's 1st VIII

Bumped: Emma II, Queens' II, Christs II, Darwin.

Finished: 15th in Div 2.

Mays 1980

Men's 1st VIII

Bumped: Queens', Magdalene (+ returned to Division 1), Peterhouse, St Catharine's

Head of Cam Senior 'C' Pennant 

Lents 1980

Men's 1st VIII

Bumped: Queens', Sidney Sussex (+ returned to Division 1), Jesus II

Kingston Head Senior 'C'

Mays 1979

Men's 1st VIII

Bumped: Sidney Sussex, First and Third Trinity II, Churchill, Lady Margaret BC III

Head of Cam Senior 'C' Pennant

Marlow Senior 'C' Winners

Lents 1979

Men's 1st VIII

Bumped: Trinity Hall II, Clare II, Churchill, St Catharine's

Head of Yare (Norwich)

Lents 1967

Men's 1st VIII

Bumped: L.M.B.C. II, Downing I, Trinity Hall I, Selwyn I. 

Finished: 12th in Div 1

Mays 1966

Men's 3rd VIII

Bumped: L.M.B.C. VII, Queens’ IV, Emma IV, Christ’s IV.

Lents 1966

Men's 1st VIII

Bumped: Magdelene I, Jesus II, 1st & 3rd Trinity II, Peterhouse I.

Finished: 16th in Div 1

Reading Head Coronation Cup (fastest clinker VIII)

Mays 1965

Men's 1st VIII

Bumped: Jesus III, Caius I, Peterhouse I, 1st & 3rd Trinity II.

Finished: 18th in Div 2

Mays 1938

Men's 2nd VIII

Bumped: Sidney II, Jesus IV, LMBC III, Trinity Hall III

Lents 1938

Men's 1st VIII

​Bumped: Peterhouse, Pembroke II, First Trinity II, Queens'

Mays 1937

Men's 1st VIII

Bumped: Selwyn II, Sidney Sussex, Peterhouse, St Catharine's (Returned to Division 1), Pembroke II

Lents 1937

Men's 1st VIII

Bumped: Jesus III, King's, Emmanuel, Caius

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