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Lent Bumps 2022

Men's 1st VIII

Bow: dylan mankin

2: tom hollingsworth

3: ronan aherne

4: lachlan kennedy

5: jack Morley

6: Will Hipsey

7: will harpur-davies

Stroke: toby Proudfoot (C)

Cox: Lucy Hall

Coach: forbes anderson

Bumped: N/A

Bumped by: caius m2, sidney sussex m1, homerton m1

finished: 8th in Div 2

WOMen's 1st VIII

Bow: sophie mance

2: poppy martin

3: jenni palmer

4: bella beckett

5: georgette payne

6: marilu bosoms

7: olivia o'connor (C)

Stroke: Katie Barker

Cox: Luke Pattison

Coach: Simon Green

Bumped: jesus w2, emmanuel w2

bumped by: magdalene w1

finished: 10th in div 2

May Bumps 2022

Men's 1st viii

Bow: sam rogers

2: will hipsey

3: ben petty

4: lachlan kennedy

5: jack morley

6: toby proudfoot (c)

7: will harpur davies

stroke: hal barrow

cox: lucy hall

coach: forbes anderson

Bumped: Pembroke m2, homerton m1, st. edmund's m1

Bumped By; N/A

Finished: 8th in div 2

WOMen's 1st VIII

Bow: olivia o'connor (c)

2: emma siragher

3: sarah rafferty

4: bella beckett

5: jenni palmer

6: poppy martin

7: georgette payne

Stroke: katie barker

Cox: Luke Pattison

Coach: Simon Green

Bumped: Downing w2, robinson w1

bumped by: caius w2

finished: 14th in div 2

Men's 2nd viii

Bow: zack hilburn

2: john clarke

3: dimitris karapanagiotis

4: frank lawrence

5: jack sydenham

6: joe benson

7: tom hollingsworth

stroke: dylan mankin

cox: greg chu

coach: bob wheatley

Bumped: Clare m3

Bumped by: king's m2

Finished: 5th in div 4

WOMen's 2nd VIII

Bow: grace heslin

2: anna pesenti

3: hannah richmond

4: molly rigby

5: hannah owen

6: sophie oldroyd

7: maddy hobern

Stroke: bridget atkin

Cox: amy folkard

Coach: takashi lawson

BumpeD: N/A

bumped by: Emma w4, first and third w2, peterhouse w2

finished: 16th in div 4

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