Naming of the New Men's 1st VIII - Saturday 27th May 2017

We have recently purchased a new Hudson Ultimate Super Predator 8+ for the Men's 1st VIII which they will race for the first time in Mays 2017. This is thanks to the generosity of alumnus Mark Bicknell (matriculated 1956), to coincide with the 60th Anniversary of his Captaincy of the Club. The boat will be named Ilona Esterházy after his wife. The naming ceremony, which will be accompanied by a Champagne reception, will take place at 2:00pm in the afternoon of Saturday 27th May at the Boat House. We hope to see as many old members there as possible. After that there will be an opportunity for alumni to get back on the water for a paddle if they so wish (river closures permitting). In the e

Lent Bumps 2017 Day 5: The Grassy's Always Greener on the Other Side

All three boats were again in action on the last day of Lent Bumps 2017, which proved to be an eventful day at Grassy Corner. M2 M2’s final day of bumps was somewhat historic, but in the sense that the crew will never live it down. The first part of the race went similarly to Day 3, with M2 initially pulling away from Anglia Ruskin II and settling into a steady rhythm. However, with no technicalities to save them from the continual effort of exercising, Corpus found themselves floundering as they past First Post – their usual finishing line from the previous days. St. Edmund’s II fell to Girton II’s rowing prowess, leaving Corpus with a clear river ahead and unfortunately no realistic option

Lent Bumps 2017 Day 4: "The best and worst few minutes of rowing this term"

On Day 4 it was just the first boats racing. W1 Another solid row from the Corpus girls in the fourth day of bumps. Once again though their kindness shone through, and having decided that Clare had worked really hard as sandwich boat for the last couple of days and deserved a break, a well-fought bump was conceded at First Post Corner. The ol' Bumps switcheroo has therefore pushed the Corpus women down into the sandwich boat position - but at the end of the day, why settle for one race, when you could have two?? Little does the rest of the river know that today, the comeback begins... just in time for Boat Club Dinner... M1 Friday brought another day of racing, another day of Ladbetter's rel

Lent Bumps 2017 Day 3: "I saw the whistle in the mouth in preparation for blowing"

M2 Day 3 of bumps marked a turning point for M2. With only one more boat left in the division behind them, the motivation for not getting bumped had reached its maximum. With the best start M2 have performed all bumps (which admittedly isn’t saying much), they quickly began catching up to Girton II to enact their revenge for yesterday. Several of the crew remarked afterwards, “I saw the whistle in the mouth in preparation for blowing”. Why they had their eyes on the bank party instead of the person in front still remains a mystery. Perhaps it accounts for the troubled times they soon encountered. M2 started to lose boat speed just before First Post corner, and Anglia Ruskin II soon came back

Lent Bumps 2017 Day 2: M2 Don't Crash

The second day of racing saw a rest day for Division 2 crews and so only our M2 boat was racing. M2 The second day of M2’s heroic bumps campaign began with much hope. With the sunlight (vaguely) shining upon them, the failures of the past were long forgotten as they rowed down to the start. As the cannon sounded, the crew realised they were pointed in the correct direction up the river – a concept they were unfamiliar with. It quickly seemed to be a favourable change to their usual orientation as they no longer collided with either bank during the initial moments of the race. With a strong start, things seemed to be going well for M2. Unfortunately, Caius IV also began explosively strong, ch

Lent Bumps 2017 Day 1: The best line is "On the wet bit"

Men's 2nd VIII With M2 successfully qualifying, Corpus had three crews racing on the first day of Lent Bumps, with M2 being first up. After riding high on post-getting on euphoria, M2 had an anti-climactic start to their bumps campaign. By beginning with their boat pointing off-centre, their start finished abruptly when within five strokes they collided with the bank. Caius IV had no issue swiftly claiming their bump. After the race this led M2's coach to repeat the old rowing wisdom of the fastest racing line up the course being "On the wet bit" of the river. Hopefully tomorrow M2 will be able to claw their way back up the division and reclaim their rightful place - or potentially even furt

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