Lent Bumps 2019: as it happened

Getting-on-race: 1st March 2019 W2 put in a good effort and did themselves proud during the race. However, they sadly didn’t get-on on the day, but they will be back stronger for may bumps. Bumps: 4th-9th March 2019 Day 1: W1: The first race was at the top of div3, which they rowed over comfortably and winding it down towards the end. The 2nd race was at the bottom of div 2. W1 started strong and getting to within a canvas of Clare W2 in front of them before the motorway bridge. Sadly, Clare W2 bumped Pembroke W2 just after the motorway bridge meaning they had to row past, with a good line from Mary, to go for the over bump. Sadly, the crews above Pembroke also bumped out meaning there was n

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