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Corpus win the Pegasus Cup!

Corpus had an exceptional performance on the river during these Mays, with M1 and M2 going up 3 each and W1 blading on +6 making them the most successful Corpus women's crew in history. All this unprecedented success culminated in something that we would only have dreamed about before the competition started - the Pegasus Cup. The Pegasus Cup, awarded to the most successful college in May Bumps, determined by the average number of bumps per crew in each club, is something that Corpus has come close to in the past, coming 2nd in 2006 and 3rd in 2014. Now however, the Pegasus Cup has finally arrived in Corpus after our rowers scored a total of 48.0, averaging +1 per crew per day. The Pegasus Cup also comes with 72 pints of Pegasus beer from the Milton Brewery, which we have decided to save for next term to share with those who will hopefully go on to continue this success.

All in all, it has been an amazing year for Corpus rowing, but the challenge is on now to make sure this is not an exceptional year, and that we start a habit out of this success of bumping up those tables. The unconquered Corpus wasn't bumped a single time this year, so we can only hope to repeat that next Lent and Easter.

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