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Lent Bumps 2017 Day 1: The best line is "On the wet bit"

Men's 2nd VIII

With M2 successfully qualifying, Corpus had three crews racing on the first day of Lent Bumps, with M2 being first up. After riding high on post-getting on euphoria, M2 had an anti-climactic start to their bumps campaign. By beginning with their boat pointing off-centre, their start finished abruptly when within five strokes they collided with the bank. Caius IV had no issue swiftly claiming their bump. After the race this led M2's coach to repeat the old rowing wisdom of the fastest racing line up the course being "On the wet bit" of the river. Hopefully tomorrow M2 will be able to claw their way back up the division and reclaim their rightful place - or potentially even further; who knows what they’re capable of when they don’t have their bow embedded in the dirt.

Women's 1st VIII

W1 had a fairly unfortunate start to their Lents campaign as they were bumped by Newnham II who caught us after a few minutes off a fantastic start. We too started well, gaining a whistle on Christ's II before the motorway bridge, but Newnham (in this isolated case ;) ) were the better crew. After the bump W1 dutifully rowed home and drowned their sorrows in percy pigs, while members of the bank party threw commiseration chocolate at them as they sat in the queue.

There were no major disasters with their rowing, indeed they enjoyed a good row down and kept high spirits despite the bitter cold! They're looking forward to having another crack at things on Thursday.

Men's 1st VIII

Despite the setbacks of losing crew members this term, Captain Ladbetter's efforts had managed to muster a strong, heavy and experienced crew (and Barney) to take to the water to begin Corpus' Lent Bumps Campaign for 2017. Now over three years into The Great Pilgini's Famous "Five Year Plan" [ref], we are set to face tougher crews and greater uncertainty as we scale to the lofty heights of Division 2.

On paper we are sick: a blonde bombshell from Australia providing a chunky rhythm for the lads, a much slimmed down bow man (who represented Ireland!!) set to trial for the University lightweights next year at just 110 kg of pure Pelican Bar food, and a baked beans and waffle-propelled savage to put the power down in the middle. There are also a few of the usual crabbing suspects including the incoming Captain all the way from Poland, and the chat machine at 3 all the way from Cambridge. A few returning veterans and the weapon that is Barney the Barnacle complete one of the strongest crews Corpus have ever seen.

Unfortunately, Jesus II were sicker. Rumours circulating that a strong fresher intake displaced many of their M1 hopefuls to their M2, these boys had a point to prove and set out hard on Selwyn, catching them convincingly by Grassy. With Darwin behind being bumped early by FaT II, who have clearly been training as well as just dicking around on BumpIt, Corpus had a lot of clear water around them once they hit the Reach. It was a solid row over for the crew which "Have such good chat I thought they were a banter barge" (Denise, 55) but also "Row so well I thought they were in Div 1" (Eric, 12). And with noticeable gains on Caius II down the reach, it was a decent result for day 1.

In a post-race interview with Captain Lidladbetski, all he had to say was "I will miss Jan next term, he's really good at rowing and has solid chat. We look forward to Thursday where the next phase of the 5 year plan is implemented: Operation Steer the Right Wei to victory".

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