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Lent Bumps 2017 Day 2: M2 Don't Crash

The second day of racing saw a rest day for Division 2 crews and so only our M2 boat was racing.


The second day of M2’s heroic bumps campaign began with much hope. With the sunlight (vaguely) shining upon them, the failures of the past were long forgotten as they rowed down to the start. As the cannon sounded, the crew realised they were pointed in the correct direction up the river – a concept they were unfamiliar with. It quickly seemed to be a favourable change to their usual orientation as they no longer collided with either bank during the initial moments of the race. With a strong start, things seemed to be going well for M2. Unfortunately, Caius IV also began explosively strong, churning up the water behind them and leaving Corpus struggling in their choppy wake. This gave Girton II the opportunity to gain distance on our M2. Corpus kept up a healthy rate, and delayed the increasingly inevitable bump until First Post Corner. While another drop in the standings wasn’t the desired outcome of the day, spirits remain strong for the remainder of the week. With only one more crew below them, at least they can't go down more than one more place!

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