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Lent Bumps 2018 Day 2: Winter is Coming (and so is Corpus)

Women's 1st VIII

On the second day there was what can only be called a blizzard (by Cambridge standards), but we battled the cold and knew we had a real chance of beating Christ’s W2 (who got bumped by Hughes Hall the day before to become the sandwich boat between Division 2 and Division 3). We paddled down to the start in heavy snow and got into place, visualising the race ahead. Once we started we could feel that the cold didn’t do our rowing any good; we rowed well but not to the same level as the day before. With excellent corners from Mary Butler, we bumped Christ’s II just after Grassy corner. Putting greenery on we rowed back to the boathouse through even more snow, in high spirits but uncertain what the next few days would involve; it was becoming a serious possibility that races would be cancelled due to the condition of the towpath.

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