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Corpus rowers in Portugal!

Corpus rowers had a great week on training camp last January in Figueira da Foz, Portugal. Read their stories here:

Dear Corpus,

I have been lucky enough to cox, coach, and scull here on training camp. It has been such a pleasure to have a wide expanse of water to row on and train without interruption. It was an especially nice view of the lake from the bowloaded IV+ at dawn. All our rowers and coxes have developed their skills and look good for the coming bumps campaign.

Wish you were here,

Liz Elder, Captain of Boats

Dear Corpus,

Just got back from a great time away in sunny Portugal. We were lucky enough to be looked after by great hosts, who made sure that we could make the most of our training, whilst staying well fed and warm when off the water. Being able to row on a purpose-built lake really helped all of our crews develop and find big improvements!

Can't wait until next year to come back again!

Silas Hope, Men's Vice Captain

Dear Corpus,

I was very nervous about the training camp because I was the organiser of the camp and therefore had responsibility for how well it went. I was more than delighted to say that the trip was a success and everyone enjoyed it and no one got injured! I had a great time going out in different boats with going our as stroke pair in a pair one of the highlights, having never really been in a pair before, getting to rate 28 felt like we were on top of the world. The eights were also an amazing treat to be in and having a really balanced boat and gliding along the lake felt like a dream. The amazing thing about Portugal was also the sun rises and sets were very beautiful and the colours of the sky were something above and very much beyond anything you would ever get in Cambridge. Overall everyone improved so much in the course of the few days and also got to bond as a boat club.

I am very much looking forward to going into this term of rowing and have high hopes for results in bumps and other races we take part in.

Becca Clarke, Junior Treasurer

Dear Corpus,

I’ve had a great time on training camp in Figueira da Foz this Christmas break. I have learned so much about rowing, eaten huge amounts of pasta and got to know the crew so much better. I particularly liked trying out different boats, especially having a go in a pair, even if it was quite wobbly! Thank yo