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May Bumps 2019: W2 got blades!

CCCBC had a record number of boats entered into May bumps this year with 3 women’s and 4 men’s boats entered, this was more boats than Corpus owned meaning a boat from Girton and Sidney was borrowed for bumps.

7th June: Getting on Race, W2, W3 and M4 all took part in the getting on race. W2 and M4 both got on however W3 had some difficulties with a seat falling of and some crabs meant that this year they didn’t get on.

12th June Day 1:

M4: Sadly got bumped by a very quick Peterhouse crew behind, though their costume lit up the river.

W2: Bumped very quickly to move to sandwich position before in dramatically almost getting an over bump twice (once on a rerow).

M3: Moved up on the crew ahead before being bumped by the crew behind them. Seb Dickson providing the best coxing call of the day with: “Row like someone stole your milk and you had to eat dry Weetabix. No one likes dry Weetabix”

M2: in dramatic fashion got bumped twice, the first time Hughes Hall held it up before Ben Pilgrim (our M2 cox) conceded. They went on to catch M2 100m before the end.

W1: In the nerves of the first day got caught by Robinson after the spinning zone in the reach.

M1: Got caught by Caius M2 whose M1 is the fastest crew on the river.

W1 battle for a row over

13th June day 2:

M4, M3, M2, M1: all got bumped.

W2: bumped to continue their bid for blades

W1: Turned it around from day 1 to fight of Caius W2 and rowed over in dramatic fashion

14th June day 3:

M3: sadly got bumped

M4, M2, M1: all rowed over

W2, W1: bumped quickly

15th June day 4:

M3, M4: got bumped, M3 to getting spoons

M2: Bumped to give Ben his final bumps with CCCBC as he moves on to work at Nottingham University.

W1, M1: row over, well done to all the crew for the hard training done during the term

W2: Worked hard and achieved blades, first ever W2 blades in May bumps: well done to the crew and coach.

W2 getting blades

Overall it has been a good year for CCCBC: thank you to all members of the supports who have made this season so great!