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Lent Bumps 2020: W1 blades!

CCCBC had two women's and one men's boat entered into Lent Bumps this year; around 25 years since a Women's 2nd VIII has previously got on.

25th February Day 1:

W2 were unfortunately bumped by Trinity Hall II

W1 bumped Clare II before first post corner

M1 rowed over, with crews both in front and behind bumping out

26th February Day 2:

W2 bumped by Fitzwilliam II to become foot of the river

27th February Day 3:

W2 rowed over at foot of the river

W1 bumped Wolfson before first post corner

M1 also bumped Wolfson at first post corner, after a strong start and a very late concession from the Wolfson Cox

28th February Day 4

W1 bumped Hughes Hall

M1 bumped Caius II on Plough Reach after having 3 whistles at First Post corner, in very choppy waters.

29th February Day 5

W2 rowed over at foot of the river

W1 bumped Magdalene, having been in a three boat sandwich with Robinson, finishing 11th in Div 2 and winning BLADES!!

M1 had a painful row over in a brutal wind, having been on 3 whistles at Grassy. They finish 5th in Div 2.