Virtual Bumps 2020

May Bumps as we know it was cancelled this year in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this disappointment Corpus members were quick to adjust, swapping unsuits for running gear and getting stuck into the replacement - Virtual May Bumps. CCCBC entered three crews, an M1, W1 and alumni boat ‘The Corpus Crusties’, and saw crew members (including our coxes) recording speedy 800m runs to make for a successful, if unusual, bumps campaign.

Women's Captain Report

W1 spurred on by their success on the river in Lent, secured bumps on Selwyn W1, Lucy Cavendish W1, Jesus W2, and Newnham W2 across the week to add virtual blades to their collection of recent accomplishments. Our coxes were particularly crucial to this success- Mary Butler recording a lightning 2:34 on the final day and Luke Pattison doubling up on runs one day to drop those vital few seconds. Celebrations took place at virtual BCD and rounded out highly successful careers within CCCBC for our graduating trio Mary Butler, Chloe Mackley and Becca Clarke. Despite providing they’re just as strong on land as on the water, many in this crew will be glad to put this brief running career behind them and make a return to our natural habitat of the Cam soon! We are particularly looking forward to getting our new VIII on the river after a successful fundraising campaign.

Men's Captain Report

May Bumps was a very different experience this year compared to last. Though I can’t say I preferred the social distance and running to rowing together as a crew, it brought with it some benefits. We had the pleasure of reconnecting with some recent Alumni who formed our Miscellaneous boat “The Corpus Crusties”. Though they didn’t get the headship they were hoping for, and ended up -2, it was great to see the Corpus spirit remained. This Bumps we also recruited many novice rowers for our M1 boat, giving them insight into senior rowing with Corpus. It was largely down to their efforts and morale that we secured a result of +3, my best campaign to date. As a rower that progressed to senior rowing in my second term, I hope that they and any future novices choose to row with us in the near future.

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