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Because being a part of CCCBC doesn't end when you leave Corpus!


The 1828 Club is the name of the alumni association of Corpus Christi College Boat Club. Through the 1828 Club, it is hoped that alumni remain connected to the Club long after they have left the College.


The focal point of the year for the 1828 Club is the weekend of May Bumps, where we host a BBQ/drinks marquee on Ditton corner for College members to watch the racing. Alumni are also invited to the May Bumps Dinner on Saturday evening and, if they have the energy, the morning afterwards to have the chance to go on a rowing outing again! Details for this and any other events are circulated via the College Development Office to all alumni who have rowing registered as interest on the College database. In addition, there are other many ways for alumni to keep up to date with events at the Club. In addition to this website, there is our Twitter account @CCCBC_1828 and our Facebook Page. During Lent and May Bumps, you can follow the results on Cam Fm or the CUCBC website. We also aim to put updates in the College e-Newsletter, on the College website and in the College Letter. We encourage our alumni to keep in touch with us, either directly or through the Development Office - we do really love hearing from you.


As a small Club, at a small College, CCCBC relies on the generosity of its alumni to allow us to compete with other College Clubs in the University, the vast majority of whom get far more financial support from their College than we do. The Boat Club uses the money it receives from College and from termly subs from its members to cover the costs of running the Club, including race entries, maintenance, transport and boatman costs. This leaves little money in reserve for the purchase of new equipment such as new boats, blades, and rowing machines.


In recent years, the generous donations and support we have received from our alumni have allowed us to purchase a new Hudson Super Predator 8+ for the Women's 1st VIII in 2016 and a new Hudson Ultimate Super Predator 8+ for the Men's 1st VIII in 2017, as well as a Concept 2 Dynamic rowing machine. These latest investments have already had a profound impact and are generating great results. In Mays 2016, our Women's 1st VIII used their new boat, named Rackham the Red, for the first time, where it carried them to win 'superblades' by rising six places, the best net change ever for a Corpus Women's crew. Again in Lents 2020, Rackham the Red carried the Women's 1st VIII to blades. In Lents 2018, the Men's 1st VIII bumped Jesus II and LMBC II to finish at 5th in Division 2, their highest position since 1993. These were victories not just for the crew, but for all those who have showed their support for CCCBC in recent years.

Upcoming Events

POSTPONED - Naming of the New Women's 2nd VIII

More details TBC.


CANCELLED - Saturday 13th June 2020 - May Bumps

Marquee on Caius' Meadow (Ditton Corner) - Saturday afternoon

May Bumps Dinner 19.30 Saturday

*Cancelled due to COVID-19*

The Dean of Chapel (James Buxton) blesses Rackham the Red on the last day of May Bumps 2016. Assisting are the stroke (Izzy Beaudoin) and cox (Sarah Wilson) of W1. Alumni and college members were invited to a champagne reception before the blessing.

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